I'm happy because

November 11, 2010, 2:25 PM
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I am happy because:

  • Well, first of all, I had a job interview today and . . . I think I got it!  I, of course, have to wait for the references to check out.  Plus I have to obtain a fingerprint clearance card, which I think I can just get a duplicate of.  And I have to attend some training (non-paid) and buy some uniforms (if I get the job) and must have a working air conditioner in the car before the end of April next year (doable after tax-return I hope)!    Lots to do!  IF I get the job!  I think I will, I really hope I will!  I’ll be prayin’ for it to happen, and if it’s supposed to it will!
  • I won a random giveaway!  http://www.quiltmaker.com/blogs/quiltypleasures/2010/11/11/i-declare-some-surprise-winners/  I get to have a really cool magazine called “Quiltmaker’s 100 blocks Volume 2.  Awesome!  I’m so extremely excited, I can just jump up and down and do a snoopy dance!  :)
  • I have been sooo blessed!  I am so happy right now, in general, because of the hope I have of a job, that everything else looks totally possible!  AND I won this giveaway, which I totally didn’t think I could ever in a million years win!  So I’m so excited!  And I can’t wait to hear about the job!  And I can’t wait for my magazine!  I’m bursting!
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